AoA – Miniskirt

AoA Miniskirt

Ace of Angels (otherwise known as AoA) started out as a unique and dynamic group. They were a group of eight talented ladies who could play musical instruments, while also performing and dancing like a polished girl group. Its then a bit frustrating to see just how far they’ve fallen with their new single, Miniskirt. Any hints of what made them unique are gone. Instead, we have a trendy song that’s more interested in rubbing its ass in my face than actually being a good single.

The song begins with one of Brave Brother’s light and breezy, mid-tempo pop beats. You know….the kind that became incredibly trendy after Sistar’s Alone became a massive hit. The jazzy instrumentals and airy keyboards are a nice enough listen, but they don’t quite hook you in as well as other song’s currently out that attempt the same sound (Dal Shabet’s Big Baby Baby, Girl’s Day’s Something, etc.). Its a pretty standard Brave Brother’s production that doesn’t do much to shake up the already tired formula.

But what do the girls bring to the table? The chorus is catchy enough, with some solid vocals, and a stupidly annoying “Whoo-OOooo” in the background. Unfortunately, the verses are pretty forgettable, and the rap section is practically painful to listen to. Seriously…AoA’s rapper might just have the most grating voice in the history of mediocre Kpop rappers. Luckily, it doesn’t last long, and the powerful vocals in the song’s final chorus is actually pretty impressive.

Unfortunately, where the song really frustrates is in the performance aspect. Both the music video and live stage performances focus so much on playing up the sex appeal, that it gets to be a bit over the top. They writhe on the floor. They shake their butts from the side. They shake their butts in your face. They make “come hither” eyes into the camera. They do a chair dance. They do a strip tease. They pull out all the stops….but forget to do it while being sexy. I’m all for women empowerment, but in the end, it winds up looking cheap and desperate.

I look back at the AoA we saw in songs like Elvis and Get Out, and can’t help but wonder what happened? Those songs added a rock element to the typical Kpop sound, and really made the group stand out. Miniskirt just make them look like every other group out there now…using a little bit of shock value and a generic Brave Brother’s beat to gain attention. I’m not buying into this one.

Final Score: 1/5


3 responses to “AoA – Miniskirt

  1. Muchas gracias por esta información, la verdad que es bueno conseguir sitios como este, ahora mismo trataré de comenzar un trabajo bastante relacionado con este tema.

  2. I knew that the reviewer of Miniskirt was a woman. The dance moves are pure art to a man. One of those things that divide men and women. Seduction can be high art in my opinion because it ultimately drives the human species. I’m sure there would be a video of men dancing that I would find demeaning but you would see the art in it because you would get turned on and that is a skill we all try to possess. To attract the right mate. I think that video touches a line without going over and that takes finesse. Honestly I think that the video is targeted to men.

  3. Really? You think the video is targeted to men? My, what an intelligent observation!

    Snark aside, I am in fact, a male, and I could not disagree with you more. This isn’t “pure art,” this is just tacky and desperate. I’m all for seduction in Kpop, so long as its done right. This isn’t. AoA is better than this.

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