Topp Dogg – Arario

Topp Dogg Arario

If January belonged to girl groups doing sexy concepts, February is shaping up to be a battleground dominated by boy groups, each pushing rough and tough hip-hop concepts. B.A.P., Bangtan Boys, C-Clown, and BtoB are each fighting for a place at the top, but they’ll have to watch out for Topp Dogg. Despite being the youngest group on the scene, having only made their debut six months ago, their second release is proving to be surprisingly strong.

And why should it not be? Stardom Entertainment has given us solid hip-hop hits before. And yet, Arario completely switches up the game with its unique beat. This song immediately sets itself apart from the pack by fusing together traditional Korean instrumentals, a blazing hot hip-hop beat, and even some rock influences for good measure. Other groups have tried out similar sound combinations, but they’ve never worked quite so well!

Each of the group’s 13 members brings something special to this track. Although I have yet to learn any of their names, each member has a distinguishable voice, and does surprisingly well with their parts. The rappers deliver their lines with charisma and swagger, and definitely makes me wish I spoke Korean so I could rap along with them! Although the rappers steal the show, you shouldn’t count out the vocalists, whose voices compliment the song’s traditional melody.

Right now, the Kpop market is suffering from a lack of creativity. Girls go sexy with smooth retro sounds, while boys go badass with hip-hop beats. As such, its original songs like Arario that give us a breath of fresh air! By putting a unique twist on the standard formula, Topp Dogg has really made themselves stand out! This song is surprisingly strong, and is testament to this young group’s incredible potential.

Final Score: 4/5



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