Ladies Code – So Wonderful

Ladies Code So Wonderful

After becoming one of the few stand out rookies of 2013, Ladies Code is continuing their upward climb with the release of their fourth single. So Wonderful is another surprisingly solid release from the relatively young five piece. It sticks to what works for the group, but changes up the sound enough to give us something new.

Musically, the song is much of what we already associate with Ladies Code. It features the upbeat horn section of Pretty Pretty, mixed with the somber synth grooves of Hate You. This might sound a bit conflicting, but when tied together with a colorful and funky RnB beat, it works surprisingly well to create a sound that is signature Ladies Code.

We know that these girls are solid vocalists, and once again, they manage to impress. Although a bit more subdued than before, Ashley and Sojung steal the show with their big voices, and a few well placed ad-libs. The vocals match the song’s upbeat-yet-somber tone nicely, as they sing about looking back on the good memories of a broken relationship. The chorus is a bit repetitive, but the verses and the buildup are so strong, that you barely notice.

Visually, the girls also tweak the formula only slightly. Gone are the pastel colors and funky fashions, and instead, we return the to the classy and chic image of their debut song. The music video features the girls as expressionless mannequins, and definitely reminds one of their unsettling Hate You video. Still, the song is a love story, and with some lively microphone stand dance routines, they manage to bring some life to the song….even if it is a bit reminiscent of a certain Wonder Girls hit.

Ladies Code is definitely shaping up to be one of the next big girl groups! Their music has managed to settle into a nice groove that really works for them! The combination of retro styles and funky pop beats has become their signature sound, and having an established sound and style that works is half the battle! So Wonderful is indeed a wonderful hit for the group!

Final Score: 3/5



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