Demi Lovato – Neon Lights

Demi Lovato Neon Lights

Demi Lovato is one of the few Disney stars to have made the transition to adulthood gracefully. She’s managed to do so based on the merit of her powerful voice, quirky personality, and well produced pop-rock hits. However, her latest single treads new ground. The only problem? While EDM might be new to Demi Lovato, its been done before. By…well, just about everyone else.

Neon Lights, as its name would suggest, is a rave-tastic club banger. Its full of pusling synths, a four-to-the-floor beat, and build ups, bass drops, and just about every other EDM cliche. Personally, I’m surprised there isn’t a dubstep breakdown. Of course, the song is littered with nonsensical lyrics about nothing in particular, save for a “glow in the dark” motif (“We’ll be shooting stars just passing by…burning up like neon lights).

However, it isn’t all bad news. Demi once again proves that her voice is a weapon that will damn near blow out your speakers. She emerges in the chorus to belt out some huge notes, and really stands tall as a star vocalist.Ā 

Also, is Neon Lights catchy? Oh, hell yeah! And since its tailor made to the current EDM trends and specification, its incredibly easy to dance to. But hasn’t it been done before? Hasn’t this been Selena’s style for awhile now? It just seems that jumping on the EDM train is a bit of a plee for a radio hit ever since Made In America failed to score.

Demi Lovato once again proves herself to be a viable young pop star in a post Disney world, but Neon Lights? It’s just uninspired.

Final Score: 2/5



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