Spica – You Don’t Love Me

Spica You Don't Love Me

It seems like every girl group is trying their hand at the “sexy” concept. With so many girl groups taking on skimpy outfits, risque dancing, and lyrics that traipse dangerously close to the edge, the style has almost become entirely boring. Luckily, there are still a few groups out there that make it work. Thank god for Spica and their latest comeback, You Don’t Love Me.

This time around, Spica is taking on a 60’s inspired retro concept. While other groups turn to barely-there, all black clothing to be seen as sexy, Spica makes it work with some colorful, vintage style clothing. Everything from their pin-up dresses to their retro hairdo’s just makes them stand out as mature and sophisticated ladies.

You Don’t Love Me features a classic 60’s soul sound that really brings out the best qualities in the group’s voices. Everything from the snappy snare drums, to the brassy horns, the jaunty keyboards and background vocals make this song stand out as a well produced throwback to a classic era. However, its the group’s five star vocalists that elevate the song to the next level.

We all know that these girls are stand out vocalists, and this song really shows off the power of their individual voices. Juhyun demonstrates that not only is she a fantastic rapper, but that her voice has a remarkable rasp as well. Boa’s husky voice, Narae’s pure tone, and Ji Won’s lively vocals each stand out on their own. However, its Bohyung who steals the show with her soulful belting. Together, they make each line memorable, and deliver a chorus that definitely hits its mark.

While other girl groups are trying hard to make “sexy” work, Spica proves that the sexiest thing is natural confidence and sophistication. Even with some curve emphasizing dance moves, they never quite pander the same way that other groups do. Even in their video, they seems to be mocking the sexy concept, even as they themselves don push up bras and mini skirts. The video is full of quirky little scenes of the girls doing some amazingly sexy things, like pouring a box of Captain Crunch on themselves, or sensually rolling around in dirty laundry. Its silly little things like this that prove that they aren’t taking themselves too seriously….and that is the sexiest kind of sexy.

Spica have really outdone themselves this time. You Don’t Love Me gives us a very different sound for the group, and yet, remains characteristically Spica. The girls have had trouble balancing the “vocal group” and “pop group” labels, but this song really hits bullseye.

Final Score: 4/5



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