Karmin – I Want it All


With the success of songs like Get Lucky and Blurred Lines, it seems that the music industry has a renewed interest in funk and soul. Picking up on the latest trends, everyone’s favorite pop-rap duo, Karmin, returns to give us a reto-inspired disco number.

I Want It All is a definite feel good track that sounds like it was lost in 1976, and uncovered from the editing room floor only yesterday. Its slick keyboards, glistening beat, funky bass, and lively horn section all create a fun disco track that’s…well, absolutely groovy. Is that a hint of a cowbell that I can hear in the background? It is!

The songs is a load of fun to sing along to, with its infectious “da da da” hook. It will definitely find a place in your head, along with Amy Heidemann’s smooth vocal delivery. Remarkably, this song is free of her signature rapping, which showcases the fact that she really can sing. With gimmicks pushed aside, she really does have a unique voice that really shines in the song’s jaunty chorus.

This song definitely sets the band on the right path after the awkward Acapella. It follows current trends, and still manages to set itself apart from the pack…a rare feat indeed.  I’m still not entirely convinced that pop radio will embrace a disco track, but it definitely should. I Want it All is a funky track that will really shake up the airwaves.

Final Score: 3/5



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