Little Mix – Move

Little Mix Move

After making their presence known in the US, Little Mix are getting ready to do it all again with album number two. Perrie, Leigh-Ann, Jade, and Jessie are leading the charge with their seriously banging new single, Move.

This time around, they’re ditching the retro-pop feel of Wings and How Ya Doin’, in favor of some RnB flair. Move features a low key, toe-tapping, slow grooving beat. However, it totally kicks itself up a notch in the chorus, leading to totally infectious and funky dance beat! A thumping bass, subtle electro dubs, and an absolutely glorious cowbell make this song a refreshing dance track that becomes a weapon on the dance floor.

And what can be said about those four golden voices? Flawless. Each member gets adequate time in the spotlight, and makes excellent use of her few minutes on the lead. Leigh-Anne and Jade take the verses, and inject some smooth vocals, and serious swagger. Jessie solos the first chorus, but her low rasp make it quite possibly the best 18 seconds of the entire song. Perrie of course provides the vocal power, as she belts her way though a powerful refrain. However, the girls are at their best when they come together. Their vocal harmonies are simply flawless, and their ad-libs add so much flavor to the song!

Could these girls be the best girl group of our generation? Not only our, but probably the one before as well. With vocal harmonies that rival En Vogue, stage presence that would make a Spice Girl insecure, and natural sexiness that make the Pussycat Dolls look like a group of Bratz Dolls, the answer is undoubtedly yes.

Final Score: 4/5


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