GOT7 – Girls Girls Girls

GOT7 Girls Girls Girls

I’ve been a fan of Kpop for longer than most fans of the genre. I discovered the genre towards the end of the Generation 1 era, and watched as a new generation of young artists rose up to take their places. Now, as established groups that once dominated the industry slowly begin to fade away, a new generation of idols is rising up to take their place once again.

With JYP being one of the top 3 companies, fans are highly anticipating the label’s newest artists. As the sun begins to fade on 2PM, it also dawns on the company’s latest male dance group, GOT7! We’ve already been introduced to two of the group’s members, JB and JR, formerly known as JJ Project. Now, with five additional members, this team is ready to make their debut with Girls Girls Girls.

Just as 2PM were known for incorporating acrobatics and b-boying into their performances, GOT7 are using martial arts as their gimmick, and its something that they do extremely well. Their dance routine features more back flips and high kicks than I can count! Add into the mix some quirky and silly dance moves, some pop and lock, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a dance team! Its both youthful and masculine at the same time, and really works for a group of teenagers.

The only problem? The songs that their dancing to is pretty….well, bad. This is quite possibly one of JYP’s weakest songs to date. The beats for JYP songs always feature his signature “half air half sound” thing, or whatever he calls it. Either way, it produces results that are sometimes catchy, and sometimes…weak. Girls Girls Girls has an airy hip-hop beat that quickly becomes incredibly repetitive, and really boring…really, really quickly.

However, this isn’t the song’s worst offense. It lacks a true chorus, which severely weakens the song overall. Sure, it has a pretty good hook of “Girls, girls, girls, they love me!” but it feels more like the build up to a chorus that never actually comes. The rap verse manages to save the song some face, but ultimately, it can’t provide the punch the song needs to thrive.

Honestly, this isn’t as huge a letdown as it should be. JYP has been on rocky ground lately, and GOT7’s debut is just another example of the once famous hit maker missing its mark. I honestly don’t get this, because JJ Project’s debut was powerful, dynamic, and explosive. This is essentially the same group…and Girls Girls Girls is just…weak.

Final Score: 2/5


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