Girl’s Day – Something

Girl's Day Something MV

To start out the new year, Girl’s Day are giving us a little Something. Last year, this group’s popularity simply exploded when they finally went from Girl’s Day, to Woman’s Day. Their more mature and sexified image may have gained them some attention, but it was the music that really spoke for itself. Solid production and undeniable talent guaranteed the group’s success.

To keep that momentum going, the group are trying out a more elegant style. Something is a slow burning and passionate pop ballad.  The girls don their tight, form fitting dresses, and give us a sensual dance routine as they sing about heartbreak. It all come together quite well, and why shouldn’t it? It’s a tried and true formula. Sistar’s Alone anyone?

I’m not saying that Girl’s Day copied Sistar. I’m not saying that Sistar owns this concept or this style. All I’m saying is, well….


Sistar Alone

Girl’s Day;

Girl's Day Something

Its like they want to be compared! The two songs share so many similarities that they’re practically indistinguishable from one another. Soft, airy synths gently rolling across a melancholy disco beat? Check. Breathy and emotional delivery on the verses? Check. A soulful growl thrown in by the group’s main vocalist? Thank you, Minah. A soft falsetto refrain serving as the song’s hook? Check. It’s official…Something is just Alone part 2!

Granted, the song has its redeeming qualities. Girl’s Day do stretch themselves as vocalists and manage quite well. It’s catchy, smooth, and burns with sensuality. Still, the display of sexuality comes off as forced at times, and the production never really delivers the punch the song needs.

I’m really disappointed in the complete lack of creativity in this song. Expectation tread new ground the group, and Female President was a bombastic display of new found charisma. This? This is just…uninspired.

Final Score: 2/5


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