Best Songs of 2013: 100 – 90


2013 was a good year for us. We popped tags. We couldn’t stop. We twerked all night to the best song ever. We drove Cadillacs in our dreams. We got lucky. What rhymes with lucky?

As we move into the new year, let’s take a quick look back at all of the best songs of 2013! Through out the next few days, I’ll be counting down the 100 best songs of the year! It was no easy task to whittle down a full year’s worth of releases to just 100…but it was a great reminder that 2013 sounded pretty damn good!

With each batch of songs, I’ll also be adding a bonus 2013 Superlative!

Here we go!

Alter Bridge – Addicted to Pain

Alter Bridge Addicted to Pain

Ah, yes! We kick off the countdown with a little rawk! A barrage of unrelenting guitars, pounding drums and some wailing vocals really made this one of 2013’s best head bangers. I never realized how much Scott Stapp held back his band until they released 4 solid albums without him. Addicted to Pain was the lead single off of this year’s release, Fortress, and it was one hell of a song!

Childish Gambino – 3500

Childish Gambino 3500

And we move from headbanging rock, to bass pounding hip-hop. Childish Gambino came back with an awesome new album, and this incredibly catchy single. Crisp delivery, memorable hooks, catchy beats, and introspective lyrics about the fear of loneliness gave this song a perfect blend of style and substance.

Two Door Cinema Club – Changing of the Seasons

Two Door Cinema Club Changing of the Seasons

This jaunty and upbeat slice of indie synth rock could very well be the catchiest breakup song of 2013. Have you ever left someone only to find out that you’re genuinely happier without them? Then turn on this song, and sing along to that poignant line: “When you said you won’t forget me, well I can tell you that’s untrue, cause every day since you left me, I thought less and less of you!” Simply beautiful.



While the rest of the world was just discovering the genius that was Sail, I was moving onto Awolnation’s next gift to listeners, the grimier and moodier THISKIDSNOTALRIGHT. Maybe this song will suffer from the same year long delay that Sail did and catch on in 2014?

Mike Zito – Gone to Texas

Mike Zito Gone to Texas

This wonderful piece of sultry, country fried blues might have flown under the radar, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome! Between the gorgeous saxophone riffs and Mike’s soulful voice, this song really had me wishing that the Blues still had more of a mainstream appeal. The fact that this genre, and songs like Gone to Texas don’t receive the same attention as the hundreds of near identical Country and Pop tunes is just…criminal!

Scotty McCreery – See You Tonight

Scotty McCreery See You Tonight

Speaking of near identical Country songs….well, what can I say? If they’re all the same, and they pretty much are, you might as well find one to pick as your favorite. This year, that favorite Country song came from one of the youngest, and most charismatic Country stars to emerge in a good while. Scotty McCreery owes his career to American Idol, and he’s definitely making the most of his opportunities with great songs like See You Tonight.

JAY Z – Holy Grail (ft. Justin Timberlake)

Jay Z Justin Timberlake Holy Grail

In my review of this song, I said that I liked it better as a Justin Timberlake song than a JAY Z song. I still stand by that assessment, and Jay’s rapping was just…adequate…in this song. Still, the dark melodies, and Justin’s passionate delivery easily make this song one of the best of the year.

Motion City Soundtrack – Inside Out

Motion City Soundtrack Inside Out

Pop punk gets a bad reputation sometime, but this song is definite proof of the genre’s legitimacy. Inside Out is a hard rocking, fast paced, and downright fun thrasher of a song! The chorus is guaranteed to have you shouting along.

Ciara – Body Party

Ciara Body Party

Finally released from the depth of Jive Record’s dungeons, Ciara is back, and finally flourishing into the RnB superstar that she was meant to be. This sultry and seductive smooth jam was the perfect way to relaunch her career on a new record label, and propel her back into the limelight!

Bruno Mars – Gorilla

Bruno Mars Gorilla

Questionable lyrics aside, this song was simply exquisite. We all know that Bruno can sing like nobody’s business, but add in a powerful guitar, a gorgeous piano melody, and some thunderous drums, and you have yourself one hell of a power ballad. Plus, that falsetto? Dang!

CHVCHES – The Mother We Share

Chvches The Mother We Share

I’ve got to say…now that I look back at my rankings, I’m surprised that I somehow thought of placing this song in the bottom half of the list….let alone number 90! This synthpop creation was simply one of the best, and I’m kicking myself right now! The Mother We Share was fun, catchy, and incredibly creative! Truly one of the more innovative pieces of 2013!

2013 Superlative:
Biggest Guilty Pleasure
G.R.L. – Vacation

G.R.L. Vacation

There’s just so much wrong with this song. Where do I even begin? The fact that it was created out of Robin “more botox and cleavage” Antin’s last ditch attempt at cashing in on her Pussycat Dolls franchise? The fact that it was used in the soundtrack to The Smurfs 2? The fact that it features Paradiso Girls that aren’t Chelsea Korka and an X-Factor cast off? No…the biggest problem is that I love it. All of it.

Its a fun, colorful, and sassy little piece of girl power that just refuses to let up! That freakin chorus is just relentless! Plus, these girls can really bust a move! Their choreography is on point! The Pussycat Dolls had some huge hits, so maybe this group can be the legitimate heirs to their throne? Time will tell. Until then, I’m on vacation. Yes, with someone NEEEEeeeeeeEEEE-ew-ew-ew!


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