Hyorin – One Way Love

Hyorin One Way Love

Is Sistar completely irrelevant now? We’ve always known that Hyorin was the Beyonce of this Destiny’s Child, and now that she’s making her solo debut, it seems like she’s in a good position to step into superstar status. One Way Love is proof that this girl is a diva in the making.

One Way Love doesn’t stray too far from what we would expect from a Sistar alumni, especially given their recent, more sophisticated sounding hits like Give it to Me and AloneOnce again, we see Brave Brothers jumping on board to give us a mid-tempo pop/RnB track. The song’s smooth beat and Latin inspired strings give off an elegant vibe. Its certainly catchy and refreshing, but otherwise safe. Luckily, it does much to spotlight Hyorin herself…and damn, does she ever deserve the spotlight!

Hyorin has always been considered one of the top vocalists in the industry, and here, she makes some stylistic choices that truly surprise. I’m sure we were all expecting her to belt out some huge notes and ad-lib her way through the entire song like some other divas. However, her soft and breathy delivery on the verses shows a charm and vulnerability that I didn’t expect. The chorus is where she really shines, giving her best Mariah Carey impression with an upper register that just soars. This is where an obvious “Sistar” left over become a bona fide “Hyorin” track.

And make no mistake about it, One Way Love is an obvious Sistar left over. Its painfully obvious by the song’s arrangement, with each member’s parts being easily apparent (Hyorin in the verses and chorus, Bora in the bridge, Da Som and So Yu in the pre-chorus). And yet, Hyorin tackles the whole song by herself….and really excels. When she jumps on Bora’s rap verse and nails it, it becomes clear that Hyorin is a one woman tour de force.

With Hyorin solidifying herself as a legitimate solo star, the sun does seem to be setting on Sistar as a group. And yet, we all knew that this woman could never be contained for long. Talent like Hyorin’s needs to shine, and it does so in an understated way in One Way Love. Hopefully in the future, we’ll see more of Hyorin, and less of “Hyorin from Sistar.”

Final Score: 3/5



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