Kanye West – Bound 2

Kanye West Bound 2

Is Kanye West trolling the world right now? Are the music critics trolling us as well? Honestly, I feel like Yeezus’s latest single is some joke that I’m just not in on.

I’ll be the first to say that I find Kanye to be more than slightly unlikable. However, I’ll happily concede that he makes some of the most poignant and meaningful hip-hop music today. His controversial album Yeezus earned its rave reviews. What, then, is the excuse for the album’s abysmal second single, Bound 2?

The song features some rather gorgeous samples. Charlie Wilson delivers a soulful melody that really stands out as the song’s foundation, while a sample of the classic soul song Boundย provides the catchy “Uh huh, honey!” hook. However, that’s where praise for this song abruptly ends. Both samples are thrown together haphazardly, creating a really jarring sound that simply doesn’t flow well at all. In fact…its kind of irritating.

Matching the rather grating music is some rather grating rapping. Here, Kanye lazily garbles his way through some of the dumbest lyrics I’ve ever herd him spit. There’s no flow, no emotion, and his delivery is an absolute mess, causing each verse to fall flat.

So, how could we possibly make this even better? Oh, right, the music video! Unveiled on the Ellen DeGenerous show, of all places (what were you thinking, Ellen!?), this is by far the cheapest thing that Kanye has ever put out. Green screen? Check. Stock footage of the American countryside? Check. Topless Kim Kardashian taking it on a motorcycle? Check. Now throw it all together with terrible editing, and what do you have? The biggest joke in hip-hop music.

Final Score: Jackie Can/5


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