Rihanna – What Now?

Rihanna What Now

These days, it seems like everyone is jacking Rihanna’s style. Both Miley and Selena recently scored hits with songs that made the world go “Wait…shouldn’t this have been a Rihanna song?” There’s no doubt that Riri would have been a better front woman for songs like Wrecking Ball and Come and Get It, but after listening to What Now, its easy to see why the Barbadian hit maker passed up on those songs. She’s over it, beyond it, and so much better than it. What Now is, quite simply, on another level.

This song takes all of the vulnerability and rawness that we saw in Stay, and then amps up the power. Sure, its got a lovely piano melody that really sets the mood, but the sweeping drums and powerful guitars definitely help the song leave an impact. The chorus is simply overwhelming, and features some of Rihanna’s best singing since California King Bed.

The lyrics are easily some of her most introspective. In the opening lines, she acknowledges “this lump in my throat,” and goes on to deliver some raw lyrics about feeling empty inside and the confusion and frustration not knowing why. Who hasn’t been there? Who hasn’t been able to properly articulate that feeling?

Rihanna conveys the emotion beautifully through her captivating delivery, and a particularly powerful verse: “I spend every hour just going through the motions, Can’t even get the emotions to come out, Dry as a bone, but I just wanna shout, What now?” Chills, Rihanna. Chills.

Show those other girls how its done…

Final Score: 4/5



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