Tiny G – Miss You

Ting G Miss You

Tiny-G has been hanging out near the bottom tier of girl groups ever since their debut. After two singles, they’re still known for their short height (each member is only 5 foot) than for their performing skills. However, clearly they’e done something right, since they’ve managed to capture the attention of none other than Jay Park. Jay offered to produce the girls’ latest single, IΒ Miss You. Could this new song be the start of an upswing for the young rookie group?

With Jay’s slick production, this is definitely Tiny-G’s strongest release. The catchy pop beats are dangerously infectious, and the catchy chorus is guaranteed to have you bobbing along. The bubbling synths match the girls’ newer and more mature style; cute and flirty, yet sexy and sassy. Its like they’re a whole new group!

Unfortunately, the song is more about Jay’s production than it is about Tiny-G. The girls prove themselves to be adequate, if unspectacular. Sure, the dancing is cute, and J.Min is on another level vocally, but the group doesn’t really break any new ground.

I Miss You is a catchy song with a catchy beat. Its enough to change some people’s opinion and earn them a few new fans, but its not enough to really earn them a spot at the top. However, they are on a new path…if they continue on it, they might just reach the top.

Final Score: 3/5



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