SHINee – Everybody

SHINee Everybody

The members of SHINee simply can’t be human. Not only do they perform intense, intricate choreography while simultaneously delivering damn near flawless vocal performances, but Everybody is their third release this year. Third. Simply releasing three singles would seem like no big deal for an average act, but this is SHINee we’re talking about. The average act simply isn’t on their level.

Everybody is definitely characteristic of SHINee, while simultaneously taking the group in a new direction…for better or worse. This song sits somewhere between Lucifer, with its hard hitting electro beats and edgy sound, and Dream Girl, with its upbeat chorus and blissful pop sound. These two elements are wrapped up in a heavy dubstep beat that somehow makes the song seem more likely to be played during an action sequence in an anime movie rather than a dance club.

It feels a bit awkward at time. Is it too edgy to to pop? Too poppy to be edgy? Isn’t the dubstep gimmick over? I just don’t know if its a good combination. Regardless, the results are infectious, highly energetic, and super catchy….if a bit awkward.

However, the boys really take this song to a whole new level. Jong Hyun’s voice is as powerful as ever, and cuts through to heavy production clear as day. Minho has made drastic improvements as a vocalist. Like Amber from his sister group, he is more useful to his team as a singer than a rapper, so I’m actually glad to see the song ditching the obligatory rap verse. Unfortunately, Everybody gives Onew the short end of the stick in favor of Taemin, but even he has improved. Overall, the group delivers solid vocals that really up the track’s intensity.

SHINee Everybody 1

As with most SM groups, SHINee isn’t one to be judged on the music alone. They are performance artists, and one can’t simply “listen to a song” without factoring in the dance routine, the music video, the costumes, etc. Everybody is an experience…the sum of its parts rather than an individual piece.

As per usual with SM, the music video completely betrays the song’s potential. It begins with a very jarring and disturbing introduction. We some rather shocking scenes….scorpions, kids in creepy masks, SHINee as lifeless robots…all very strong visuals. However, this all stops when the song begins. Then we get to see the boys dance….annnd…..not much else. Typical SM. Why try something new when we can do the exact same thing AGAIN!

Luckily, the dance routine is phenomenal. Seriously, these guys go all out! They’re throwing each other around, jumping, spinning, becoming a transformer, and just in general rocking it! They have some really intricate formations that really “pop” with some robotic and precise movements. Its just flawless on a visual level.

In the end, Everybody is a comeback that impresses, without actually impressing. At this point…this is just SHINee doing what they do. While this song is going to make a truly impressive live performance, I’m not sure that the awkward beat and lack luster chorus are enough for the song to stand on its own. Overall, the song pleases, and leaves one hell of an impression, but I just wish the song was as solid as the group itself.

Final Score: 3/5


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