Block B – Very Good

Block B Very Good 2

No stranger to controversy, Block B has one of the most scarred histories in Kpop. They earned an entire country’s hate with a single careless remark, got robbed blind by their CEO, and lost the ensuing lawsuit….along their record deal. A lesser Kpop group would have easily collapsed under the pressure. And yet…Block B seems to have weathered the storm, and emerged stronger than ever. The fact that they’re still going strong with all seven founding members is a feat in itself! Their comeback single (the first with their new label, Seven Seasons) is called Very Good; a bold claim, but one that easily delivers on its promise.

Block B Very Good

Yay! A record label that actually pays us!

Block B has always been known for their carefree and bombastic nature. Very Good puts this larger than life attitude on full blast, and speeds through your neighborhood. It takes numerous genres and slams them together at atom smashing levels. Electronic synths blare, hard rock guitars wail over a thumping hip-hop beat. Its a high energy listening experience that only Block B could have pulled off.

Part of the reason that this group has managed to survive such an ordeal is the fact that they know who they are as artists. While other groups are being given direct orders from their labels; how to act, how to look, what to sing, etc…Block B is just doing what they do best. Not only did group leader Zico produce the song, but the song is broken up into many different parts…each one tailor made for each group member. The vocalists get to show off their voices while the rappers deliver some killer verses. Each member’s part varies in tempo and delivery, which could have come off as sounding disjointed and jarring (like some other artists’ hit songs….). However, the song comes together seamlessly thanks to a killer hook that is instantly catchy.

Conceptually, this song is a huge risk. And yet, its been pulled off flawlessly. Block B is a group that will continually stir the pot in the Kpop world. Weather its through their larger than life personas, killer music, or inability to conform, this is one group to watch! Thank god they’re in the hands of a capable label now. Very Good indeed!

Final Score: 4/5



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