BtoB – Thriller

BtoB Thriller

Is BtoB the most unnecessary group in Kpop? Quite possibly. When Cube Entertainment announced that they would be debuting the seven member group, it was a bit puzzling. Not only did they already have a successful boy band in Beast, but their styles seemed strikingly similar. Since they were formed, BtoB has been searching for their own unique identity. Unfortunately, they’ve never quite been able to shake the “Not Beast” label. Their latest single, Thriller, isn’t doing much to help the case.

Thriller sees the group ditching their usual slick style in favor of a horror concept. With some dramatic makeup and goth-pop fashions, they dance around in some creepy and haunting settings. The song itself is a mid-tempo dance pop number that is accented by an elegant string section and orchestral harmonies. Its smooth chorus and unique beat make the song an overall pleasant listen.

But does any of this sound perhaps….too familiar? It should. I just described Beast’s latest hit single, Shadow. Coincidentally, it also fits BtoB’s Thriller. Aside from the fact that the differences in overall quality can be both be heard and seen by comparing the two music videos, these songs are essentially the same. Sure, Thriller has a bit more of a bounce, and Shadow is a bit darker, but really…the songs probably should have been on the same album…from the same artist.

Don’t get me wrong. Thriller is actually a pretty good song. Its just frustrating that BtoB is being eclipsed by the company’s more successful group. They really need material that will separate them from their seniors, and give them their own identity. Until then, they’re simply going to be known as “the other group from Cube that isn’t Beast.”

Final Score: 3/5



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