Ladies Code – Pretty Pretty

Ladies Code Pretty Pretty

Despite being a rookie group, Ladies Code proves to be well on their way to becoming major players in the Kpop game. They are following their debut song with the much more vibrant and lively Pretty Pretty. When I first heard the title and saw the concept photos, I was worried that we would be getting a burst of ageyo that wouldn’t at all resemble the Ladies Code we saw in Bad Girl or Hate You. However, Pretty Pretty is quirkier than it is cute, and keeps the Ladies Code sound intact.

Pretty Pretty utilizes the same jazzy, horn blaring sound that they’ve used in their past releases, takes it up a few notches, and then glosses it over with a catchy pop beat. In composition, it shares many elements with Girls Day’s recent hit Female President. However, the end result is quirkier, funkier, and more colorful thanks to the Ladies themselves.

The song perfectly highlights the strength of each girl’s voice, proving them to be a vocal force to be reckoned with. Of course, we all know that Ashley has a powerful voice and So Jung’s husky tone is the high light of the group’s sound, but RiSe, Zuny, and EunB each manage to throw down a powerful verse as well.

Lyrically, the song goes on and on with the girls high lighting how pretty they are, and how all the boys keep flocking to them. However, Pretty Pretty is a bit similar to the Wonder Girl’s hit, So Hot, in that the emphasis is on not being sexy. While this song could boarder on suggestive and narcissistic, it actually winds up becoming playful, sassy, quirky and fun!

Overall, Pretty Pretty is another huge step forward for this promising new group.

Final Score: 4/5


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