Selena Gomez – Slow Down

Selena Gomez Slow Down

For a minute, I thought that Selena Gomez had been reduced to “Rihanna-lite.” However, her latest single is a return to the Selena we all know and love. Although Slow Down is a definite step backward, it has allowed Selena to find her footing so that she can take two very large steps forward.  Simply put, it sounds like a hit.

Through her career, Selena became known for bubble, EDM inspired pop tunes like Naturally and Love You Like a Love Song. This latest release easily setting into her discography with its Cataracs Produced dance beat. Its simply tailor made to Selena! Its light and bubbly enough to please her loyal fan base as they enter middle school this year, yet it has enough edge and bounce that older fans won’t have to think twice about getting down to it at the clubs. Its a fun and catchy song that should please listeners of all ages!

Although Selena has added some more suggestive lyrics in there, its nothing that even comes close to Miley territory. Selena too is older, more mature, and wants to party. However, she’s going about proving it like an actual adult. If you want to be taken seriously…just make good music. Now that Selena is putting more effort into her overall performance, you can definitely tell that she is growing as an artist. Take notes, Miley.

Final Score: 3/5



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