G-Dragon – Coup D’Etat

G-Dragon Coup D'etat

Leave it G-Dragon to constantly reinvent himself. His latest single, Coup D’Etat shows off darker, more militant incarnation that straddles the line between artistic genius, and mentally unstable super villain. And yet, his bombastic persona and antics might just be why we love G-Dragon in the first place….with or without his Big Bang buddies.

For those of you who don’t speak French, like myself, I’ll save you a trip to the Wikipedia page. Coup D’Etat refers to a group of military rebels who overthrow a government or other established power, and replace it with another one. Its a title that really captures the energy and emotions of this song. With a spaced out hip hop beat, a dramatic bass drum thundering away, and church bells ringing in the background, the song takes on a foreboding and ominous feeling.

You can almost picture G.D. delivering his crisp, biting rap at a podium in front of his troops. Its powerful, militant, and even stirring. G-Dragon is quite charismatic in this song! However, I wish that the lyrics matched the epic scale of the song. As he begins with “The revolution will not be televised, the revolution is in your mind,” I thought we were in for some profound, socially conscious lyrics. Instead, we basically got a typical rap about how awesome G.D. is, complete with such winners as “I’m PAC man, eating MC’s,” and “I’m the best at self-admiration and being cocky, I’m shameless.” At lest he raps well.

Much of this song’s artistic genius lies in the music video. Through some powerful imagery and symbolism, he makes it clear that his Coup D’Etat is against none other than…himself? He is striving to express himself artistically in a very restrictive market, making it known that who he is today isn’t necessarily the G-Dragon we’ve known before. Its a theme that recurrs in his music, but its never done in such a powerful way!

Coup D’Etat is a pretty impressive comeback, despite my disappointment with the lyrical content. Powerful beat, charismatic rapping, and a unique artistic concept separate this song from everything else currently in the Kpop market. G-Dragon has separated himself from the pack once again, and like always, he did it with his own brand of swag.

Final Score: 4/5



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