Spica – Tonight

Spica Tonight

Spica is well known for being a group comprised of five outstanding singers, being put together by Lee Hyori…and not much else. Despite overwhelming talent, they have yet to have a true breakout moment. They have yet to truly find their own unique sound, and their latest single, Tonight, takes the group in yet another new direction. However, Tonight could very well score the group their first true milestone.

Spica has gone uptempo before with the cringe worthy 90’s retro pop I’ll Be There. After that disaster, I said that I never wanted to see them do uptempo again. However, TonightΒ is overflowing with life and energy, while still playing into Spica’s strengths. With a pop rock sound befitting Kelly Clarckson, Tonight brings energetic dance beats, powerful guitars, a euphoric chorus. Sitting somewhere between dance track and ballad, it also serves as a spectacular display of vocal ability, but we all knew it would.

As the girls belt away, each one is distinguishable from the next, a quality I’ve always admired about this group. Bo Hyun’s husky voice tears through the chorus, while Na Rae’s softer tone provides an interesting contrast in the verses. We all know that Boa can blow out a sound system with her voice, but its nice to see her take a back seat to Ji Won, who steps forward in the chorus to prove to the world that she too can sing like there’s no tomorrow. Ju Hyun’s raps are a bit disappointing this time around, deduced to mere sing-talking, but she does her best with the verses she’s been given and pulls it off effortlessly.

Will Tonight be Spica’s first major hit? With the song’s refreshing sound and the girls’ pure talent, there’s no reason that it shouldn’t be. Hopefully this will be the start of a trend for the group, because this style and concept fits them perfectly. This is without a doubt one of the best comebacks of the year.

Final Score: 4/5



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