Ellie Goulding – Burn

ELlie Goulding Burn

Ellie Goulding scored a huge summer dance hit by assisting Calvin Harris on I Need Your Love. Now, she’s looking to follow up the success by re-releasing her sophomore album, featuring a smattering of songs that are more accessible to American audiences. With the lead single Burn, Ellie hasn’t disappointed. This song shines brightly with a clubbier vibe and catchy hooks, while still maintaining the mysterious allure she’s become known for.

The uplifting track begins with Ellie’s angelic voice emerging through a bubbling synth. The song’s heavy electronic elements add to the magical, ethereal sound. The deep and spaced out percussion gives the song an added kick, as well as a hypnotic quality.

Her voice is clearly one of the most unique and distinctive in pop music, and her unique tone sounds simply magnificent here. Her high notes on the song’s bridge are chilling, while her delivery of the chorus is magically triumphant. Her calls of “Cause we got the fire, fire, fire, and we’re gonna let it burn, burn, burn.” amid church bells and layers of euphoric synths are instantly unforgettable.

Although this is definitely Ellie’s best since Lights, I’m not sure how US audiences will react. Pop airwaves shouldn’t have an issue playing this song during lunchtime hours, but does it have enough club appeal to make it in the club circuit? Probably not without a dubstep remix. Still, it is one hell of a synth-pop track, and provides a refreshing listening experience.

Final Score: 4/5



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