Katy Perry – Raor

Katy Perry Roar

With her last album, Katy Perry solidified her presence as a tour de force in pop music. Teenage Dream scored a whopping six number one singles, as well as two other songs that both cracked the top three. Regardless of how you may feel about Miss Perry, that, my friends, is an incredible achievement.

As such, there is much anticipation building over her next release, Prism. Will it live up to the success of its predecessor? Well, if the album’s lead single, Roar, is any indicator, the answer is almost certainly “yes.”

Roar is colorful, quirky, uplifting, and even a little bit biting. Take the vibrant fun of California Gurls, the powerful message behind Firework, the underlying snarl of Part of Me, and throw it all into a blender. The results are, without question, a Katy Perry signature.

However, is it a case of been there, done that?Β Sure, the light and airy melody are a refreshing change of pace from the usual dance-pop and EDM synths. It would sound really original if I didn’t start singing Sara Bariellis’s Brave each time I heard them. Its hardly an achievement in pop originality, and yet, where it counts…Roar scores. The chorus is simply massive. With multiple hooks, and a huge, sweeping refrain, and a powerful message, its simply impossible to resist singing along to.

Roar hardly treads new ground, but the new single is innocuous enough to be a pleasant piece of pop music fun. There’s no doubt that Katy Perry will once again be roaring her way to the top of the pop charts.

Final Score: 3/5



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