Lorde – Royals

Lorde Royals

I’m not going to mince words here. Lorde’s Royals is the best fucking thing I’ve heard in a good, long while. This song has already dominated the charts in the young singer’s home country of New Zealand, but now Royals has begun to make its way onto American airwaves. I for one, cannot wait for this song to become the next Somebody That I Used to Know.

In a music industry that is dominated by house beats, swag, and heavy handed production, Royals leaves all of the bells and whistles behind. With nothing but a  throbbing baseline and rhythmic snaps. Not only is the arrangement catchy, but its downright hypnotic!

Lorde delivers a truly mesmerizing vocal performance. Her voice has a sultry and ethereal quality that many have compared to Lana Del Rey. Lorde even admits that Lana was an influence in her music, but this simply isn’t a fair comparison. For one, Lorde’s voice is fuller, livelier, as she bites down on each syllable for a unique phrasing, and crystal clear annunciation.

Lyrically, the two are worlds apart. For being only 16 years old, Lorde has penned some truly genius verses. In Royals, she takes aim at the Hollywood lifestyle, the glamour, and the materialistic dreams perpetuated by the mass media. Sure, its fun to dream about, but the reality is that its all complete bull shit. Through the refrain of “We’ll never be royals, it isn’t in our blood,” she reminds us that the average person like you and I will never be able to relate to that lifestyle. Instead, she offers a new vision of success and happiness. Its a truly sobering message that speaks for the current generation.

The simple genius of this song is simply astounding. It’s artistic, its original, and most importantly, it stands for something. For being just 16 years old, Lorde has written one of the most intelligent and unique songs I’ve heard in awhile. Even if Royals doesn’t catch on in the US, no one can deny its sheer brilliance.

Final Score: 5/5

rating 5


One response to “Lorde – Royals

  1. I can not agree more. The thing is, the message is true for people of all ages. I am 42 yet a 16 yr olds lyrics connects with me. Absolutely stunning. It is rare especially recently when great pop can amalgamate with and present a truth that resonates as something thought provoking and deeper than just ear candy. From a 16 yr old, amazing, authentic, real.

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