Panic! At the Disco – This is Gospel

Panic! At The Disco This is Gospel

I’ve never been a fan of Panic! At The Disco. There, I said it. To me, they’ve always seemed like a watered down version of another band that I also do not like. *Coughfalloutboycough* However, their latest single may have me changing my tune. This is Gospel is the second single from the band’s upcoming fourth album, and quite frankly, it’s got me wondering why I haven’t been paying attention to the previous three.

This is Gospel isn’t actually influenced by gospel music, but features the typical brand of pop-punk that we’ve come to associate with Panic! Still, it plays around with the formula just enough to be intriguing. It begins with an attention grabbing heartbeat, which provides a unique beat for the song to build upon. The first verse features some creative and symbolic lyrics, with a dash of autotune that gives Brendon Urie’s voice an ethereal quality.

It all sounds great, but once we get the chorus, things truly begin to soar. Brendon’s voice simply explodes into powerful belting as he sings out “If you love me, let me go!” It’s both aggressive, powerful, and emotionally sympathetic….and maybe a little bit catchy too? The drumming in the chorus is heavy, and really gives the song a jolt of energy and life.

As it turns out, This is Gospel is pretty solid. It’s an uplifting anthem for the outcasts and weird kids out there that doesn’t dwell on emo-like angst. It actually has me looking forward to September’s album release to see what exactly I’ve been missing this whole time!

Final Score: 3/5



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