Karmin – Acapella

Karmin Acapella

With the release of their debut album, Pulse, right around the corner, Karmin are offering us the lead single. Acapella is a unique track that brings something different to the group’s infectious electro-hip-pop hybrid style of music. For one…the song is, like the title would suggest, mostly acapella.

The song’s bouncy, bass heavy hip-hop beat is actually the result of several beat boxers. It creates a sound that somehow manages to create a catchy sound that works surprisingly well, and demonstrates the power and dynamics of the human voice!

Amy delivers some quirky and witty sing-rap verses that definitely show off her unique personality. Acapella is a declaration of independence and female empowerment. Here, Amy makes it known that she isn’t settling for any duds. She sing-raps her way through such gems as “Thought he was gluten free, but all I got was bread,” and “Out on the first date, he took me gourmet, We hit that Olive Garden, my little Italy.” Olive Garden reference? Instant win! There’s even a bit with cringe worthy falsetto that adds some hilarity to the odd ball track.

While this song has a genius beat, a catchy chorus, and lyrics that are both fierce and playful, Acapella is something of a risk. The beat just isn’t radio friendly, and Amy’s quirky personality just doesn’t work in this song the same way that it did in Brokenhearted.ย As a lead single for their album…I don’t see it being the hit they need. Perhaps this is the I Told You So of Pulse;ย the off beat hype track before the undeniable hit? Either way, when given the right chance, Acapella is sure to please.

Final Score: 3/5



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