Krewella – Live for the Night

Krewella Live for the Night

The timing has never been better for electronic artists. Krewella’s once unlikely pop radio crossover hit now seems to make perfect sense. Following up the success of Alive, the trio is back at it, and going bigger than before. Their latest single, Live for the Night, is every bit the party anthem its title claims it is.

This song has everything that we love about Krewella. Yasmine provides a gritty sing-rap verse, while Jahnan’s powerful vocals give us a catchy hook to grab onto. It has the dirty dubstep breakdowns of Killin’ It, along with the euphoric choruses that made Alive such a huge hit. And yet…there’s more to this song. The sweeping chorus is more vibrant and…well, alive. It has more life, more color, and much more fun than either of their past songs.

Live for the NightΒ is definitely a night life anthem. Club ready and packed with energy, this delightful piece of electro pop is sure to please.

Final Score: 4/5



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