Lady Gaga – Applause

Lady Gaga Applause

The wait is over, little monsters. Your queen best friend has returned! So get your paws up, and get them clapping, because her latest single is asking for Applause.

Being that Gaga has been out of the limelight due to a recent back injury, the anticipation for her new album is high. As such, the leakers have done all they can to get their hands on some new material…much to the dismay of the Lady herself. She lit up twitter in frustration, but Lady Gaga isn’t one to let the haters get her down. So, she’s released her new single a week early.

With a frantic synth beat and an awkwardly phrased first verse, the song starts out a bit jarring. That is…until you realize that this is Lady fucking Gaga, up to her usual off the wall electro-pop antics. Once the first refrain hits, its clear that we’re dealing with something big. The clap along beat begs you to join in the fun. The huge dance synths make it irresistible to dance along to. Lady Gaga’s larger than life persona takes center stage as she sings “I live for the way you scream and cheer for me, I live for the applause!” All together, this is a song that you can easily lose yourself in.

Still, I can’t help but feel that this isn’t quite as strong as Gaga’s earlier work. I kind of miss the days when she wasn’t taking herself so seriously. You know…back when she wanted us to Just Dance  with our disco sticks. Don’t get me wrong…Applause is definitely something to cheer about. I just feel like she’s so focused on making “artpop” that she’s forgetting to have fun with her craft. Maybe I’m missing something about the concept?

Final Score: 3/5










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