2NE1 – Do You Love Me?

2ne1 Do You Love Me

Is anyone else seeing a pattern with 2NE1’s song’s as of lately? Do You Love Me is their latest single, following Falling in Love and I Love You. That’s a whole lot of love coming from one of the baddest girls groups around! After their last single, it kind of seemed like the girls had gone soft. However, with this latest bass bumping party banger, the girls are asking if we still love them. My response?

Y. E. S. I….. D. O!

2ne1 Do You Love Me Bom

This song plays out like an upgraded version of Can’t Nobody. With its colorful electronic beat, catchy hooks, and explosive final chorus, this is definitely the next big K-club hit. The bubbling euro-dance beat is simply infectious, and is guaranteed to have the crowd bouncing along to its vibrant synths!

2ne1 Do You Love Me CL

CL teaches us how to spell with her unforgettable hook of “D. O. Y. O. U. L. O. V. E. M. E? Do you?” She and Bom sound fantastic on the chorus….it might even be the best that Bom’s ever sounded! Dara’s soft voice is finally autotune free, and comes in a the perfect moment, like a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, Mizy feels underutilized. She’s just as strong a vocalist as Bom, and just as fierce a rapper as CL, but seems to get the least focus. While she does justice to the parts she’s been given, I would love to see her stand out a bit more.

2ne1 Do You Love Me Minzy

2NE1 is definitely having fun this summer, and it shows in their music video. For once, we see the girls letting loose and having fun in a “behind the scenes” style video. It’s actually really refreshing to see the girls in such a candid manner! It definitely adds to the carefree spirit of the song.

2ne1 Do You Love Me Dara

With more singles on the way, you can bet that their usual bad ass attitude will be seen once again, but for now…just rock out!

Final Score: 4/5



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