B2ST – Shadow

B2ST Shadow 5

Although they’ve dropped they stylization of their name, Beast will forever in our hearts be known as B2ST (pronounced batoost). It seems odd that now they would drop the iconic “2” from their name, because their latest song is true to their signature style. Last time around, they showed us a Beautiful Night with an upbeat and colorful dance track. Perhaps they’re capitalizing on the fact that every other group is currently pushing a “summer song,” because Shadow is a dark and melancholy track with some truly haunting visuals.

B2ST Shadow 4

Shadow seems like the perfect continuation of their 2011 chart topper, Fiction, while still standing on its own merits. It features a mid-tempo electronic beat that fits somewhere between pop-ballad and dance-track. The piano melody and haunting background vocals create a dark atmosphere, while the dance beat becomes the song’s pulse. All together, it creates a mysterious and ominous sound that fits the group’s style perfectly.

B2st shadow 2

Vocally, they boys each bring something to the table. Their rapping has a crisp bite and low moaning quality that works with the song’s dark vibe perfectly. The singing is a bit more subdued, focusing on delicate high notes and a hypnotic sounding chorus that seems to fade into the darkness. While the singing is solid, I kind of wish that the song had a better hook, because there isn’t much to grab onto other than the cringe worth Engrish of “Because I’m shadow, shadow, shadow….”

The song’s music video has earned some major attention for its Illuminati truly creepy imagery. The video uses mirror effects to create some jaw dropping visuals. The dramatic sets, flowing choreography, and elaborate use of body paint also help to make Shadow a truly stunning music video. It might be just another Kpop video, but this video is truly artistic and poetic.

B2ST Shadow 3

Overall, Shadow is yet another solid release from B2ST. They’ve gone against the grain of vibrant dance tracks to bring us something a bit darker. Its true to their signature style, and reminds us of why we fell in love with B2ST in the first place.

Final Score: 3/5



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