Kings of Leon – Super Soaker

Kings of Leon Super Soaker

Nothing quite says summer fun like a good ‘ol fashion water gun shoot out. Kings of Leon are here to deliver a dose of summer fun before the season comes to a close! Being the lead single off their upcoming album, Super Soaker serves as a reminder as to why we fell in love with the band in the first place. That is…before their Use Somebody breakout.

Fan of the band’s earlier work will be instantly pleased with Super Soaker’sย musical direction. Its much livelier than their recent singles, and with a jaunty garage band arrangement. The energetic guitars, twangy bass, and steadfast drums are definitely reminiscent of their grittier, southern fused earlier work. Caleb Followell’s scruffy vocals give the song a unique color, and simply soar in the chorus’s “walk away” hooks.

Super Soaker is definitely stronger than anything off the band’s last album. Top 40 radio won’t find it quite as radio ready as Use Somebody or Sex on Fire, but that’s not where their target audience lies. After taking their sound back to square one, Kings of Leon have definitely created a track is characteristically them.

Final Score: 3/5



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