Natalia Kills – Saturday Night

Natalia Kills Saturday Night

In the era of edgy female pop artists, it can be difficult to stand out, especially if you’re Natalia Kills. It doesn’t help that she kind of sounds like Lady Gaga, kind of looks like Lady Gaga, and works with the same producers as Lady Gaga. It truly is a shame that Natalia doesn’t quite get the recognition she deserves, because her latest single, Saturday Night, proves just how brightly she is capable of shining as her own artist. This gleefully haunting song is something like pop music genius.

Saturday Night isn’t the colorful club banger you might expect. Between a heavy, spaced out beat, hollow and mysterious synths, and Natalia’s smokey voice, this song is a chilling reminder that there is a dark side to living on the edge. Between her infectious “woah-oh-oh” hooks, Natalia delivers some raw, and biting lyrics. You can feel the sarcasm in the repeated line “This is just another Saturday night.”

She simply smolders through lines like “We shine like small town stars through the best days of our lives.” Β Each line is soaked in cynicism, painting a picture of what its really like to be young and free in today’s society. Lines like “Give me just one more night, and I’ll be almost fine, remind me one more time, that its the best days of our lives” cut deep, and will easily resonate with anyone whose ever woken up and thought that maybe there’s something more to life.

There’s so much going on in Saturday Night. This isn’t some stupid fun club track that Ke$ha or Dev puts out. There aren’t any over the top, cartoony characters a la Nicki Minaj or Katy Perry. This isn’t the self righteous “art pop” that Gaga started to spit out after she started taking herself too seriously. This is raw. This is real. I’ve said it before, but Saturday Night proves it; Natalia Kills is pure pop genius.

Final Score: 5/5

rating 5


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