Brown Eyed Girls – Kill Bill

Brown Eyed Girls Kill Bill

In today’s Kpop industry, the Brown Eyed Girls stand in their own tier. Not only did they come together organically, as the result of group leader JeA’s artistic vision, but their music has always sttod out as being more mature and sophisticated than the other peasant groups groups. The four divas have recently returned with their new song, Kill Bill.Β Guess what the inspiration for this song is…

Brown Eyed Girls Ga In Kill Bill Bride

Like the movie itself, Kill Bill is a story of vengeance, using influences of both old style western music, and modern day Asian pop. The whistling melody is catchy, and will make you want to grab your cowboy hat and six gun shooter. It instantly sets the tone for this sultry song. With a strumming guitar riff, and a bouncey electro-beat, Kill Bill has a truly unique sound that separates it from the pack.

Brown Eyed Girls Narsha Kill Bill

The girls themselves add much to the song. Miryo’s rapping is simply phenomenal, while the group’s singers add their seductive and sultry delivery to spice up the song. They also pull off some risque cowboy themed choreography with their signature, smoldering allure.

Brown Eyed Girls Miryo Kill Bill


Unfortunately, the group never venture into Sixth Sense displays of vocal power. In fact, much of the song feels safe. It doesn’t really have the same “wow” factor that their past hits have all had plenty of. It isn’t bold and powerful like Sixth Sense, or delicate and poetic like Clensing Cream. It isn’t even as catchy or as sophisticated as the group’s other electro track, their signature Abracadabra.

Brown Eyed Girls Kill BIll JeA

Still, all things considered, the Brown Eyed Girls may not have topped themselves, but that’s because they set the bar so damn high. When this group is on their A game, they’re easily a 14 out of 10. Even with their first disappointing release, they still manage to shine. Kill Bill is still solid, even if it fails to break new ground. Its definitely worth while to check out the amazing music video, which is a marvelously directed parody of the titular film.

Final Score: 3/5


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