Rev Theory – Alpha King

Rev Theory Alpha King

It’s bad enough that I sometimes confuse Rev Theory and Alpha Rev due to the “rev-iness” of each of these bands’ names. But now you’re telling me that Rev Theory’s latest single is called Alpha King? Way to go, guys. Luckily, these two bands sound nothing alike. Unfortunately, Rev Theory do sound like a few other bands.

There’s not much to distinguish Alpha King as unique, innovative, or particularly ground breaking. There are elements of this song that all sound very familiar. The vocal arrangement definitely sound formulaic; low, growling verses leading up to an explosive, shouting chorus. . The hard hitting guitars, ominous bass, and driving drums are all set firmly inside the box. The aggressive and angsty lyrics are well written, but its a theme that we’ve seen done many, many times before.

With all that said, there isn’t much to distinguish Alpha King as a particularly bad song either. While it may be familiar, it’s still a solid track that definitely gets the adrenaline flowing, and heads banging. The band’s sound holds together well under the song’s weighty industrial influences. Rich Luzzi’s delivery on the chorus is definitely infectious. It would fail to have the same impact if sold by a lesser shoutist vocalist.

Ultimately, while it might not be “something new,” Alpha King still manages to warrant a second listen…and possibly a third, fourth, and fifth…if you haven’t added it to your playlist by then.

Β Final Score: 3/5


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