5th Harmony – Miss Movin’ On

5th Harmony Miss Moving On

5th Harmony Camilla

While pop groups are all the rage in the rest of the world, America hasn’t been as receptive. Are the States finally ready to embrace groups once again? Simon Cowell thinks so! Since One Direction’s meteoric rise to fame, he has attempted to replicate the process on America’s version of the X-Factor. After being told that they lacked the star quality needed to advance into the show’s final stages alone, Ally, Camilla, Lauren, Normani, and Dinah were put together in hopes of forming a cohesive girl group. The mix of stellar vocal talent and quirky personalities seemed to work. Under the guidance of Simon Cowell, the girls snagged third place. While it isn’t a win, its not too shabby either!

5th Harmony Normani

Now, a full year since they competed on the reality show, 5th Harmony is making their major label debut. Their first single is called Miss Movin’ On, and proves that these girls could very well be a teen pop force to be reckoned with. Huge, sweeping pop beats give this mid-tempo ballad enough force and volume to really grab your attention. The girls boldly declare “I’ll never be that girl again!”  with the authority and confidence of five young Kelly Clarksons. With catchy lyrics about self confidence and resolution, Miss Movin’ On is definitely a youthful, yet sophisticated girl power anthem.

5th Harmony Dinah

Part of what makes 5th Harmony work is the girls’ unique chemistry. Here, Camilla opens the song softly, before belting away in the song’s powerful chorus. Along with Lauren’s sultry tone, these two definitely take the lead. Dinah’s rich,  husky voice rounds out the power-pop sound well. Ally and Normani has proven themselves capable in the past, but they are essentially playing back up this time around. However, their roles have been expanded in the song’s live performances, proving that this group is less of a Pussycat Dolls, and more of a Spice Girls where everyone sings like Destiny’s Child.

5th Harmony Lauren

5th Harmony is definitely a name to remember. These five talented young ladies are well on their way to becoming the next big girl group! Miss Movin’ On is a powerful single that is sure to leave a good first impression on the pop world, which they will, no doubt, soon dominate.

5th Harmony Ally

Final Score: 4/5


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