Brittney Spears – Ooh La La

Brittney Spears Ooh La La

It’s Brittney Bitch is back and…. wait a minute! We’re making songs for kids movies now? As if her stint on the X-Factor, and an atrocious collaboration with Will.I.Can’ wasn’t enough….

But you know what? Lets forget about Brittney’s desperation. Let’s just put all of that behind us and focus on what we’ve got. A glossy, perky pop track designed for a colorful and whimsical movie. Does Ooh La La provide a listening experience worthy of the Smurf’s sequel?

The song’s first half goes down easy. Brittney sweetly sings over a euro-pop beat and a humming acoustic guitar that really brings out the song’s whimsical qualities. Its actually kind of pleasant! But….then she starts rapping.

Brittney Spears X-Factor

 “Can’t nobody get down like us!” she squeaks, doing her best Ke$ha impression. A club beat seems to come out of nowhere, giving us a confused mess of a song. What are you trying to give us, Brit? A catchy pop tune for kids, or a club ready dance track for the adults? Are you trying to sneak your kinds into a club? Why is this happening!?

Look, I get it. This is a song for a kids movie. Its not really supposed to be good. Brittney actually agreed to do the song because her sons are fans of the Smurfs. You know what? That’s pretty darn of cool. But it doesn’t change the fact that the song is lame. Ooh La La is innocent fun for a kid’s movie soundtrack, but that should be the only place that I’m subjected to it. Why it’s become a huge radio hit I’ll never know….

Final Score: 2/5



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