Girl’s Day – Female President

Girls Day Female President

After scoring big with the sexy, Euro-dance hit, Expectation, Girls’ Day is making a swift comeback to seize the momentum with a repackaged album, and a new single. With Female President, they not only seize the momentum, but hit us with a shock and awe campaign of vibrant, explosive choruses, unabashed girl power, and skirts so short that a common rubber band covers more skin.

Despite being a highly conservative country, South Korea recently elected their first femal president. With this in mind, I was expecting something more along the lines of “I am a woman, and I will be taken seriously!” While I don’t know much about Korean politics, if Girls’ Day is to be trusted, it is certainly sexier, and much more fun than American politics!

Girls Day Female President 2

This song hits hard with an energetic and colorful sound. Aside from the standard dance beat that we see in every Kpop song, Female President adds some erratic hand clapping and pounding drums for a beat that demands attention. The added rock guitars provide a bold and powerful contrast. Altogether, its a powerful and dynamic sound that stands apart from the rest of the pack.

Unfortunately, the song’s structure is a bit off putting. The song is undoubtedly tons of fun, but the verses are forgettable, and lull for a bit too long. While the chorus is explosive and super catchy, the pre-chorus, chorus, post-chorus, hook structure is all a bit confusing. Each part on its own is fantastic, but altogether it can be a bit…much.

This song features some of the girls most bold and risque costumes and dance moves. However, if you have the talent to back it up, this shouldn’t be a problem. Minha and So Jin are powerful singers, and practically blow out the sound system with their huge voices. While Hyeri holds her own, Yura is a much better singer than she is a rapper. Yura, please stop rapping.

I’ve always had faith in this group, and saw their potential long before this. I keep bringing up their pre-debut flash mobs and early single, Nothing Lasts Forever. It may have taken awhile, and an unnecessary amount of terrible pop-fluff singles, but finally, we have arrived at this day! Girls’ Day is finally becoming the group they were meant to be!

Final Score: 4/5



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