Calvin Harris – I Need Your Love (Featuring Ellie Goulding)

Calvin Harris rose to fame when the music industry became infatuated with electronic dance music. His strategy for success is simple; create a killer dance beat, and pick a well known singer to lend their voice. For his latest single we find him teaming up with the indie-electro muse, Ellie Goulding, on a club banger called I Need Your Love.

Seeking out Ellie Golding seems to make perfect sense. Remixes of her songs caused her to become a prominent name in dance music. Lending her warm yet smokey voice, Ellie provides a unique texture to the song’s sound. Unfortunately, Harris’s production does little to support her signature style.

The beats are rather standard, lacking the uniqueness of the singer’s voice. Full of standard 8-bit “bleep boops” and a pulsing bass, this song just feels so uncharacteristic and bland. It never reaches the euphoric levels of the Harris produced We Found Love, no does it convey the same emotion of the Florence Welsche assisted Sweet Nothing. With sub-par beats that don’t do much to help the guest vocalist, I Need Your Love falls to the same lows that Let’s Go, fell to.

Sure, a half drunk club crowd will find it easy to keep dancing, but any rational thinking DJ would be wise to pick one of Harris’s better songs, or the dubstep remix to one of Ellie’s other songs.

Final Score: 2/5


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