Sistar – Give it to Me

Fighting for a place among Korea’s top most girl groups, Sistar is back with a swanky new single! The latest addition to the quartet’s repertoire is called Give it to Me.

This swanky new single follows up closely on the style of last year’s summer hit, Alone. With it’s decadent beat and moodier sound, Sistar scored their first real defining moment. Not only was it their biggest hit, but it took them to the top tier on the girl group scale! As such, Give it to Me follows the blue print set up by Alone, in an attempt to follow up on its success.

It is nice to see Sister defining themselves. Its rare that a Kpop artist actually becomes an artist rather than a product, endlessly pushing a gimmick concept. As they continue to move away from their bubbly electro-pop sound, we see them maturing, and establishing their own unique style. Give it to Me features some beautiful instrumentals. It has a jaunty piano melody, a snappy beat, and some luscious strings that create a dazzling wave of sound.

One thing you can always count on Sistar for, is a tour de force of powerhouse vocals. Hyorin doesn’t disappoint in this song, with her diva-like voice displaying its full range. This young singer is constantly delivering a masterclass in singing; she can belt, and she can sing softly. She can growl her way through some girt and soul, and she can hit high notes that pierce. Its all on display in this song.

Also demonstrating her vocal chops is Soyu. She may not be quite as dynamic as Hyorin, but she is more than capable of impressing with her voice. Here, she does not disappoint! The group’s youngest member, Da Som, injects a softly sung verse into the song, but it might just be her most significant contribution to a Sistar song yet! I’m still unconvinced on Bora’s position as the group’s rapper, but at least Give it to Me gives Soyu and Hyorin more than enough time to shine.

With all that there is to praise about this song, its hard to pinpoint why exactly it fails to hit the jackpot in the same way that Alone did before it. For some reason, the song lacks the catchiness of Sistar’s other songs. Perhaps its the awkward pre-chorus that disrupts the song’s momentum? This part is made up entirely of a repeated “Oh baby, give it to me”s, and a some super awkward moaning that could easily be misconstrued.

Give it to Me is a refreshing listen with it’s beautiful melody, as well as a fierce display of singing talent. While there is much to be admired about this song, it just lacks the pizzazz of Sistar’s other songs. While this won’t be the defining moment that Alone was, it will no doubt be a welcome addition to Sistar’s discography.

Final Score: 3/5



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