The Band Perry – Done.

The Band Perry is best known for their touching ballad, If I Die Young. But did you know this group could rock out too? As it turns out, when they aren’t being overly sappy, they can actually have a fist-pumping good time! Their latest song is called Done., a country rocker that simply electrifies.

Done is a refreshing blend of pop-rock, with a heavy dose of country. It takes country signatures like twangy guitars and fiddle strings, but then gives it the added kick of heavy drums and powerful electric guitars. The energy level soars as the song delivers it’s initial punch, and then keeps on rocking with a chorus that bites.

Lead vocalist Kimberly Perry delivers the song with a punch. She sings “Mama told me to always play nice, but she didn’t know you when she gave me that advice” with passion and attitude. You can feel her anger when she delivers the song’s clincher of “Don’t wanna be part of your fun, All I wanna be is DONE!”  Here, she’s mad as hell, and she’s making it known that she isn’t taking it anymore!

For awhile, I’ve felt that country music has lacked creativity. I was really happy to see that Done’s music video taking on an interesting concept. For once, we see a video free of dusty roads, open fields, and smokey bars! Instead, we get to see the Perry’s going to battle on a life sized chess board, dressed as chess pieces. While far from groundbreaking, it is an interesting new take on a country video!

With its high energy and ass kicking lyrics, Done is definitely a song that can get a crowd moving. I’m quite enjoying this more powerful side of The Band Perry.

Final Score: 4/5


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