Jessie J – Wild

Jessie J has returned with a bold new look, and an equally bold new single! With a clean shaven head, her new song is appropriately titled Wild.

We’ve seen Jessie deliver powerful ballads, intense hip-hop tracks, and even cheesy pop tunes. She does all three styles quite well, but this constant change often feels a bit disjointed. That might be why Wild feels so natural for Jessie. It combines the best parts of all three styles into one catchy hit.

Jessie belts over a gritty hip-hop beat, with just enough electronic kick to make the song feel club ready. It sounds a bit like the lovechild of Lazerlight and Do it Like a Dude. However, vocally, she comes closer to Domino. Her voice is crisp and biting in the verses. When the chorus hits, her powerful voice takes off like a rocket, taking the song to soaring heights. Overall, the song is both catchy and powerful, showing off all of the best sides of Jessie J!

Unfortunately, Jessie isn’t alone in this song. FOr whatever reason, she felt the need to recruit the help of rappers Big Sean and Dizee Rascal. Each of their guest rap verses come at awkward points, disrupting Jessie’s flow. The lyrics are rather pointless, bland, and totally unecessary. Listen Jessie…you got this! You don’t need guest rappers to back you up.

Final Score: 3/5


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