CL – Baddest Female

When news of CL’s solo release dropped, my only reaction was “It’s about damn time!” If any one girl, from any of Korea’s hundreds of girl groups is ready to go Beyonce, its CL. Being made purely of raw talent, she is simply put, the whole package. She’s a solid singer, a fierce dancer, an intense rapper, and a powerful on stage personality. CL has been ready for a solo release for awhile, and now she finally gets to stand on her own with the appropriately titled Baddest Female.
Obviously…being CL and all…I had huge expectation for this song. Don’t kill me, Black Jacks, but The Baddest Female fell slightly short of my expectations. I was expecting an epic display of CL’s huge talent. What we got was a rather predictable electro-hop track with an overly repetitive hook. But that’s not to say that the song is bad by any means! In fact, it does indeed prove that CL is, without a doubt, “the baddest female.”

While most other Kpop “rappers” are trying to be “swag,” CL makes it happen without even trying. The song’s beat is simply sick. Its almost impossible to not get down to the song’s huge bass and gritty hip-hop vibe. Most of the song is quite minimalist, but it gets an added kick from a gritty dub-step beat at mid-point.

I never had any doubt about CL’s rapping. While she isn’t spitting rhymes at a mile a minute, she delivers her verses with a demeanor that’s cooler than ice. She makes it work in a way that only CL can, definitely channeling that “bad girl” energy with fire in her eyes. Plus, the song’s hook is sickeningly catchy!

CL’s debut as a solo star may not be as huge as I expected, but it definitely leaves a solid impression. This is a definite knock out K-Hip-Hop jam that proves that CL is the real deal. I’m going to quote CL to close this out; This track is strait up bad. But not bad as in bad…bad as in good, you know?

Final Score: 3/5

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