2PM – A.D.T.O.Y.

JYP’s signature boy band is finally making their long awaited return! After spending an eternity in Japan, 2PM is back with A.D.T.O.Y. (All Day Thinking of You). This comeback has quite a bit riding on it. With the recent announcement of the Wonder Girls’ indefinite hiatus, and Miss A’s transformation into “Suzy’s side project,” fans are honestly beginning to wonder if JYP has lost his touch. He needs 2PM’s comeback to be a hit, and judging by the shirtless teaser pics, he’s determined to make that happen. Is A.D.T.O.Y. everything that 2PM needs to be to reassure fans?

Quite possibly. This group has definitely grown up since their 2008 debut, and so have their fans. No longer a “boy band,” this “man band” is now turning to a more mature and refined style. Rather than churning out hook laden dance songs, 2PM presents us with an RnB slow ginder that surprises with it’s slick production.

The RnB beat rolls along smoothly, complemented by a low burning dubstep beat. The two elements complement each other surprisingly well, making this a really interesting Dub-n-B track. While it may not be the sound that I was expecting, 2PM definitely makes it work! However, the vocals may be the song’s best feature. 2PM is the real deal when it comes to rapping, and their passionate verses are on point. The soft RnB vocals are clear and crisp, and the falsetto chorus is brilliant.

2PM has always been known for their on point choreography. Weather they’re incorporating break dancing, acrobatics, or shuffling before LMFAO made it popular, these guys know how to dance. While this routine isn’t quite as spectacular as their previous ones, it does still demonstrate their expertise. The use of chairs as stage props, and the signature “hip holding” move are quite interesting, and their syncronization is on point. Unfortunately, perhaps to match the song’s somber mood, the energy level just isn’t what I expected from a group like 2PM.

As it turns out, JYP is still capable of making quality music. 2PM’s comeback proves that the group is still on top, even if they turn it down a notch. A.D.T.O.Y. is a unique song that flaunts JYP’s expert production. However, its the members of 2PM that bring life to the song. This comeback proves why they are one of Korea’s top groups.

Final Score: 4/5


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