Psy – Gentleman

Last night, Psy brought a little Kpop to the American Idol finale. It was showstopping performance that took the energy in the room to gauge-breaking levels, and had the audience on their feet! The only problem? Most of them were still riding the invisible horse. Psy has a daunting task in front of him; top the success of Gangnam Style. Does Gentleman deliver? Well…yes and no. While I doubt that any song is going to have the breakout tidal wave success of Gangnam Style, there’s no doubt that Gentleman is an addictive piece of Kpop that the world can enjoy.

Fans of Korean music might be a bit taken aback at first. There’s no doubt that this song is 100% Psy, but fans might notice some familiar themes in this song. Mainly the fact that it sounds like the love child of Gangnam Style, and Abracadabra by girl group, Brown Eyed Girls. This definitely isn’t a mistake, as the song was given the blessings of Brown Eyed Girl herself, Gai In! She appears as the leading lady in Gentleman’s music video, which features Psy up to his ridiculous antics as per usual. This time around, we see him taking a stroll around Seoul, being a dick to everyone around him. Its awesome, hilarious, and dare I say a little bit sexy?

Personally, I’m just happy to see Ga In in a music video that DOESN’T
Involve her being tied to a chair.

Gentleman’s beat pattern is similar to Abracadabra’s hypnotic electro-grinder, but with an added kick of Gangnam Style’s high energy and off the wall bombast. What could go wrong with the combination of two incredible songs!? The result is a hard hitting, party starting sound that will have dancefloor clamoring to pull off Psy’s latest dance move!

Once again, Kpop fans will instantly recognize the “hip swaying” motions of Abracadabra. It was a nationwide dance craze in Korea just a few years ago, and what better way to introduce it to the world than by borrowing the signature move? Audiences will find it much easier to pull off than the invisible horse, but maybe also a bit less flashy. Dare I say…even a bit less interesting? Either way, there’s no doubt that the song will cause tons of hip shaking around the globe!

But once again…does it top Gangnam Style? In that respect, I say that while Gentleman is a worth follow up, it doesn’t quite command your attention in the same way. The song’s hook of “I’m a mother father gentleman!” isn’t quite as rousing as shouting along to “Aaayyyyeeee! Sexy lady!” The hip-shake is fun, but not as fun as the invisible horse. Gentleman is still a great time, but unfortunately, I don’t think it will ever make it out of it’s predecessor’s shadow.

Final Score: 3/4

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