Avril Lavigne – Here’s to Never Growing Up

Today marks the 11th anniversary of Avril Lavigne’s debut into the music industry. With 2003’s Complicated, she was a breath of fresh air in a pop market that was saturated with pop princesses. Since then, much has changed in the world. Avril, however, has not. Still just as punky and bratty as ever, her new song is an ode to being young and reckless called Here’s to Never Growing Up.

Around this time of year, the “summer songs” are going to come crawling out of the woodwork, and this song certainly wants to lead the pack. With a rousing chorus, stomp along beat and a catchy refrain, this song is certainly an energetic earworm.

And then…she goes on with the lyric “Singing Radiohead at the top of our lungs.” Seriously, Avril? Did you just namedrop Radiohead in the most mainstream of pop songs?

Its lyrics are a celebration to living young, free, and careless. Ah, yes, youth certainly is bliss, isn’t it? The only problem is that this theme has been done to death lately, and it’s been done so much better. This song isn’t as club ready as Ke$ha’s C’mon. Its not half as euphoric as Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream. Its not as bold as Rihanna’s Cheers. Its not as daring as Pink’s Raise Your Glass. It lacks the finesse of Taylor Swift’s 22. You see the theme here? This retread through Avril’s angsty teenage years just comes off as…well, desperate.

After her effort to put on a dress and act like an adult absolutely failed, you can’t help but wonder just how desperate she is to cling to what made her popular in the first place. Unfortunately, this song isn’t a “blast from the past,” but is the girl who peaked in highschool. Nobody’s saying you have to grow up, Avril. Just make better music.

Final Score: 1/5


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