Nine Muses – Wild

Nine Muses’ have been slowly gaining popularity, and it looks like they are finally on the edge of a defining moment with their latest single. After showing off an innocent and girly image with Dolls, they are now turning heads with a more mature image. The new song, appropriately titled Wild, brings forward a powerful and classy sex appeal. Nine Muses are most certainly back, and demanding your attention!

Wild is essentially everything that After School’s Flashback tried to be. I don’t want to turn this into a Flashback bash fest, but simply put, Wild got everything right. Yes, Nine Muses are pushing forward their “assets,” but they do it in a way that doesn’t seem over the top or forced. They are overtly sexy and powerful, yet classy, sensual and refined. The music video pushes this image forward in one irresistible package that you’ll be hard pressed to turn away from.

After School may have done it first…but Nine Muses did it better!

But this isn’t all about Nine Muses’ goddess like charms. This song itself is a beast! Sweetune is, quite simply, one of the best producers on the planet. The song’s relentless dance beat and delicate piano melody offer a unique electro-pop experience. The layers of synths give the song an added jolt, but never sound jarring or out of place. Its a brilliantly crafted sound that bubbles with a sense of drama and urgency, and instantly leaves an impression.

Vocally, while Nine Muses lacks a stand out, diva quality singer, they are more than capable of delivering a solid vocal performance. They sound absolutely gorgeous on this song! The verses simmer with sensuality and vulnerability. The chorus hits hard with powerful vocals from Sera, Hye Mi, Hyuna, and Kyung Ri. On the rap front, Eunji continues in her new position, delivering a powerful verse along with Erin that fits the song like a velvet glove. Each girl adds something memorable to this song, proving their worth as a group!

Wild is, without a doubt, worth going wild over! More than just visual candy, Nine Muses is proving that they have everything the top groups have, and more. While they are currently facing tough competition, there’s no doubt to anyone that hears Wild, that Nine Muses are indeed a talented group whose presence deserves to be known.

Final Score: 4/5

And now…screen caps of the group’s pure sexiness!

Rapper, Vocalist
Le Sam
Rapper, Vocalist
Vocalist, Maknae
Leader, Main Vocal



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