Lupe Fiasco & Guy Sebastian – Battle Scars

I’m not sure who to credit with the leadership role in this team up. I’ve seen Battle Scars credited as both Lupe Fiasco featuring Guy Sebastion, and as Guy Sebastian featuring Lupe Fiasco. Either way, whoever thought to pair these two up is a genius. Lupe’s deep and dramatic rapping is the perfect complement to Sebastian’s soulful and stirring vocals.

This hip-hop/rnb ballad certainly packs an emotional punch. Its crisp beats, and haunting melody march on, battered and bruised toward a huge chorus that simply soars. It’s raw, dramatic, and passionate…something that’s been sorely missing from both hip-hop and rnb music.

Making his US breakout, Australian Idol Guy Sebastian offers a huge rnb vocal. His vocals are simply huge in the chorus, putting him on the same level as Bruno Mars. His voice lends harmony and passion to Lupe’s biting rap verses. When he isn’t being thrown off stage for 30 minute freestyle tirades, Lupe is actually a pretty damn good rapper.

Staying away from hip-hop’s vapid themes of booty shaking, dranking, and getting paper, he instead raps about real life struggles and raw emotions….and he does it all through the use of clever imagery and intelligent word play. Kudos!

Lupe Fiasco and Guy Sebastian is a team up that works perfectly. Unlike many collaborations, this team up wasn’t done by producers to boost the relevance of the song. Instead, each half of the equation offers something relevant and meaningful to the song! For once, the music was put first, and the result is a song that is both severely under rated, and epic in scale.
Final Score: 4/5

One response to “Lupe Fiasco & Guy Sebastian – Battle Scars

  1. Guy wrote the song and invited Lupe to write and sing the rap part which he did magnificently at Guy's Sydney studio. They both knew that they had created something special and its seems that the world thinks so too. Guy has a very powerful and soulful voice and Lupe's intelligent and clear rap creates an amazing tune with a message. Great review – thank you! I love both Guy Sebastian and Lupe Fiasco and I hope that they colloborate again sometime in the future.

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