Daft Punk – Get Lucky

Despite the eight year break between albums, Daft Punk remains one of EDM’s most prominent figures. Not only is their music endearing and revolutionary, but its just down right cool! While their most recent work on the Tron soundtrack wasn’t quite the studio album that we had hoped it would be, it did manage to hold us over until this! The release of the masked duo’s first single in what feels like a life time!
Get Lucky marks the band’s return to the scene, and features guest vocals from none other than Pharrel Williams. While their work on Tron took us to a future digital distopian world, Get Lucky takes us several decades into the past. This song is simply overflowing with fun and funk, hearkening back to the dance floors of the 1970’s!
Pharrel is simply slick as he croons out “We’re up all night to get lucky!” Its a catchy hook that will have you singing along. The song delivers the funk courtesy of Nile Rodgers, who provides one of the most upbeat guitar riffs I’ve ever heard. Daft Punk pulls all of it together, providing their electronic Midas touch, which brings the song to life.
I’d say that this song is the band’s most “pop” release to date, but that doesn’t seem to be entirely accurate. Seven years ago, this wouldn’t be considered “pop” at all, but the music scene has changed. Now, David Guetta and Calvin Harris are two of the biggest names in pop music! By scaling back, Get Lucky proves that you don’t need overwhelming bass, synthesized beats, or even dubstep to have an awesome dance track. This  has potential to be the duo’s highest charting song on the pop charts, but unlike Guetta and Harris, it sacrifices none of their artistic merit.
Get Lucky is distinctly Daft Punk. It fits comfortably in their discography somewhere between the slow groover Something About Us, and the euphoric Around The World. While it may not be the techno dance track that people were hoping for, this is something better. Its a refreshing track that proves the EDM scene has gotten it all wrong in the past few years! If anyone got lucky…its the music industry!
Final Score: 4/5

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