Skillet – Sick of It

Skillet is a band with a long history, and the Christian metal outfit is continuing their legacy by preparing for the release of their eight album. The upcoming Rise is being headed by the lead single, Sick of It. This is Skillet’s first release in almost four years, and comes after the releases of the masterpiece Awake and the equally brilliant Comatose launched the band to mainstream success. Many fans are anxiously anticipating this latest release, but Sick of It leaves a rather odd taste that might have some fans a bit baffled, and others perfectly satisfied.

Fans of alternative music will find this to be one of the best releases in recent memory. Both a testament to Skillet’s penning energizing choruses, and the sad state of rock music today. True, with recent let downs from Red, Trapt, Evanescence, and damn near everyone else…Skillet’s latest release is one of the genre’s last hopes. As such, it comes as a bit of a let down then that they’ve dumbed down their sound to appeal to the masses.

The song hits hard, and speaks loudly, but is ultimately unspectacular. While Jen Ledger’s drumming is commendable, the guitars are pretty standard. There’s a cool synth riff at the song’s mid point, but it feels misplaced. Featuring that element a bit more prominently would have given the song a much more unique flavor.

John Cooper has a powerful rock voice, with a unique tone. However, in this song, he comes through a bit too gruff. The chorus is practically shouted rather than sung. Many fans might prefer this, but he’s truly at his best when he taps into the melodic element of his voice, as in Whispers in the Dark and Hero.

At least the chorus is catchy enough to energize a crowd. While the band leaves it up to the listener to figure out what “it” is that they are sick of, John calls on us to “raise out hands, get rid of it!” While it may comes off as a bit too general and a bit cliche,  it is a truly compelling anthem that anyone can relate to, especially in the midst of today’s of shocking headlines and bleakness.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Sick of It is awful. It will surely give the band another hit to add to their impressive legacy. However, when placed in the grand scheme of Skillet’s discography, it feels a bit weak. This song shouldn’t be leading Rise, but filling in Alive. I’m sorry, but I have higher expectations for a band of Skillet’s level. Take that as you may.

Final Score: 2/5



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