Selena Gomez – Come and Get It

Selena Gomez remains Disney’s most consistent (and most stable) starlet. Her latest release, a feisty song called Come and Get It, marks quite a few milestone in the young singer’s career. Technically, this is her first single as a solo act, as the barely visible “The Scene” is no longer behind her. More importantly, this is her first single post Beiber breakup. How has this affected her music?

Come and Get it is a radical departure from the electro-pop that The Scene had been releasing. Backed by a slow winding Bollywood beat and exotic backing vocals, this song definitely has a unique flavor. The electro machine spurs to life in the chorus to give the song some added edge. Like a hit from a hookah, its a sound that hits hard with a unique taste, but simmers with flavor until the exhale.

Lyrically, the song shows Selena’s venture into adulthood. She delivers her verses in a lower register that actually works for her. The forced island accent, however, does not. The lyrics are much more seductive than anything she’s done before, boldly declaring “I’m not too shy to show I love you” and the song’s alluring hook, “When you’re ready, come and get it done.”

This interesting direction may be new territory for Selena, but its hardly anything we haven’t heard before. In fact, this song sounds like it was tailor made for Rihanna. In fact, it was.

The confident and powerful lyrics? Effortless for Rihanna…at times, awkward for Selena. The accented phrasing and affected diction? Natural to Rihanna, forced by Selena. The exotic dance beat? Perfectly suited for Rihanna, a sore thumb when placed in Selena’s discography. I get that she wanted to show a more mature and confident style and sound, but the comparisons simply can’t be ignored.

But don’t get me wrong. Rihanna delivers some master hits, and Come and Get It will still be a hit for Selena. Its super catchy, instantly memorable, and has a really unique sound that will stand out on the radio. That said, I’m not sure that becoming a watered down Rihanna is the best career move. Maybe there was something to that whole “The Scene” thing after all?

Final Score: 3/5


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